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The HitcHinge system eliminates working in between dock segments, as well as eliminating the stress of maintaining the loads, elevations, and alignments, which are all necessary to insert or remove pins without dropping parts, as with a typical dock hinge. 

Cottage owners can save valuable time and frustration in the process of coupling docks.  You simply transfer weight from one side to the other and the HitcHinge will connect as you tighten the bolt in.  With all the parts, self-contained, there is no need to swim again.  Imagine never losing or misplacing parts again!

The HitcHinge uses gravity instead of a balancing act between loads and flotation, counterbalancing between, wind, weight and waves to connect dock sections.  Once installed on your dock or ramps, you can make the gap small enough to become a worry-free surface and still leave room for wave and wind movement, based on your location. 

Made up of two integral parts, the “Hitch”, is a gripping flange that retains an actuation bolt and locking tooth, and the “Hinge”, a flange which is retaining an outer sleeve, over an inner bushing and end plate washers on a fixed axis pin that offers an extended range of motion and durability.  The system is sold as a single hinge: you would need two hinges for coupling an average dock sections.